What Is Kaffir Lime?

Kaffir, or makrut, lime is a lime that is originally from Southeast Asia and is now grown in such diverse places as Florida and Australia.

The kaffir lime is green in colour and has the shape of a pear.

The rind and leaves are both used in cooking, particularly Thai cuisine.

The leaves give a particularly tangy citrus taste and are used in curries, soups and salads.

The rind has a slightly bitter citrus taste and is grated and used in curry pastes and fish cakes.

The`zest (fruit part of the rind) is used in Creole`cooking to add its distinctive citrus flavour.

It’s best to use fresh kaffir lime leaves and rind wherever possible because the flavour is quickly lost from the fruit once it has been cut open, You can freeze any spare leaves and rind quite easily just by putting them in ordinary freezer bags.

Kaffir lime rind is used medicinally to treat digestive problems and the rind is used in some tonics that are reputedly good for the blood.

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