How To Make Curry Powder

Curry powder is a mixture of spices that have been ground into a powder. When cooking, you use curry powder instead of the individual spices.

There’s an article describing curry powder in the Curry Focus blog section and there are recipes for making curry powder in the spice recipe category.

You won’t find too many recipes that tell you how to use curry powder – most recipes get you to use the individual spices. But the recipes do exist and here’s a good recipe for a Hot Lamb Curry.

Most recipes that tell you how to make curry powder are basically the same in that you take a selection of spices, heat them and then grind them into a powder. The recipes are simple and you can experiment with the spices that you use in order to find the best curry powder for you.

The cooking purists say that you should never use curry powder and that you should use fresh spices every time that you cook a curry.

But there’s nothing really wrong with using curry powder, whether you’ve made it yourself or bought it from a supermarket.

I usually add fresh spices to my curries but sometimes I use curry powder.

If you find a recipe that you want to try with curry powder, then just substitute the curry powder for the spices. Add the curry powder early on in the recipe to make sure that the spices are absorbed into the food. I’ve seen advice that you just sprinkle curry powder onto a meal, just like salt or pepper – in my opinion, this is bad advice and should be ignored.

Avoid the temptation to make a huge batch of curry powder unless you’re going to use the powder in less than a few weeks because spices go stale, no matter how carefully you store them. You can read an article about looking after your spices in the blog that is titled “How To Keep Indian Curry Spices Fresh“.

Why not try making your own curry powder instead of buying it from a shop or supermarket? Yours will have no preservatives, will probably be fresher and may even taste better.

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