Curry In A Hurry Sandwich On Sale In The UK

Well, maybe it had to happen.

A curry “sandwich” is now on sale in the UK and the maker of the new snack is Tesco.

The sandwich is a tortilla wrap filled with curried chicken, rice, raita and mango chutney. So it is a blend of Indian and Mexican cuisine that should appeal to the hungry consumer who wants a quick curry fix.

The sandwich was launched less than a week ago and nobody in the Curry Focus team has tried one yet.

Presumably you need to heat the sandwich before eating, but we don’t know for sure yet. But we’re going to find out soon. Why don’t you send us an email if you’ve tried one and let us know what you think?

Tesco says that the sandwich is designed to “satisfy people’s curry cravings” and to “line people’s stomachs before going out for a drink”.

The curried chicken sandwich sells at £2.60 and the range of available fillings will be extended if the sandwich sells well.

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