Curcumin, Turmeric and Your Health. An Update

One of the main spices used in Indian cooking is turmeric. But more recently its medicinal uses and applications are being tested.

Earlier this month we wrote about how curcumin, one of the components of turmeric, was being investigated for its effectiveness in treating cancers. You can read the original article, titled “Is Turmeric a Spice or Medicine“.

The newswires are currently busy reporting more curcumin advances with the production of synthetic versions of curcumin.

Japanese scientists have been testing synthetic curcumin and have found the synthetic versions to be more effective than natural curcumin.

Natural curcumin quickly loses its cancer fighting potency when it is taken orally. But the synthetic versions do not have this problem.

The synthetic curcumin has been tested on mice with colorectal (bowel) cancer with good results.

There is speculation that the synthetic curcumin could also be effective in fighting other cancers, such as gastric cancer, breast cancer, pancreas cancer and lung cancer.

And curcumin is also effective in treating Alzheimer’s so it will be interesting to see if the synthetic product also has similar results with this terrible disease.

These developments are very exciting and we will be keeping an eye open to see how they progress.

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