What Is Okra?

Okra is a plant that has edible green fruits that are delicious in a curry. The fruits are also called okra and are often called ladies, or lady’s, fingers. In the southern States, it is also known as gumbo.

A common Indian curry that contains okra is bhindi bhaji, and there’s a great Curry Focus recipe for bhindi bhaji curry.

Okra originally comes from Africa (from the banks of the Nile) and grows in tropical climates all around the world.

The okra fruits are pods that can grow up to about 18cm (7 inches) but the best ones for cooking are around 7cm (about 4 inches) in length.

The pods have a sticky interior and the okra seeds are in the centre.

When you cook okra, you eat everything. And it is delicious.

And why are they called ladies fingers? Because they are about the length of a finger, are slender and smooth. But personally, I wouldn’t want to meet a lady with green fingers.

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