Chicken Biryani Curry and Onion Bhajis Recipe Reviews

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Hi, Ray here again.

I’m getting pretty good at this cooking game so I chose two recipes to try in one day! I don’t think I’m getting too cocky because the second recipe is really simple and the first is pretty easy as well. Tonight it’s chicken biryani curry and onion bhajis.

I needed to get chicken, yoghurt, chickpea flour for the recipes. My local Indian supply stores did not have chickpea flour so I used pea flour instead.

I firstly prepared the marinade for the chicken and left the chicken marinating whilst I started on the bhajis.

I cooked the onions and left them to cool and then made up the flour mix ready for frying.

After the chicken had marinated, I fried up the onion rings and put them into a low oven to keep them warm.

Then a quick frying of the spices and then in went the chicken pieces, quickly followed by the rice and water. I’m glad I used my biggest frying pan – it was almost full to overflowing.

Whilst the chicken was cooking, I heated up the oil for the onion bhajis. Once the oil was hot enough, in went 3 bhajis. 2 of the bhajis held together but one broke up into fragments – not to worry. I put the cooked bhajis onto a plate and put them into the oven with the warm onion rings. Then in went the rest of the bhajis – I had made the mixture into 6 bhajis because 12 would have been tiny. These bhajis cooked the same as before, with one of them breaking up.

I kept stirring the biryani whilst cooking the bhajis.

When everything was about ready, I grabbed some coriander leaves and chopped them up.

I served up the biryani with some bhajis on the side and sprinkled some coriander over the top.

The assembled dinner guests were very pleased with my efforts. The biryani had a lovely, delicate, spice taste and was cooked to perfection – and the bhaji was yummy.

The meal rated a good 7 out of 10.

I would definitely recommend that you try this meal.

chicken biryani curry image

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