What are Mustard and Curry Leaf?


Mustard is a plant that is widely grown around the world. It is a common crop in Hungary, UK, India, Canada and US.

The mustard seeds are usually either ground into a powder and mixed into a paste, to be used as a condiment, or fried whole until they pop and release their taste into the oil.

The seeds can be black, brown or yellow and they have a sharp and fiery taste. The black seeds are the most pungent with the yellow being the mildest of the three.

Mustard seeds are widely used in curry powders and pastes in Indian cooking.

Mustard is used in poultices to give a soothing, warm, feeling and has applications in soothing stiff joints.

Curry Leaf

The curry leaf tree is native to India and grows to a height of about 4 metres (12 feet) tall.

The leaves are very aromatic and are used as an herb in cooking. The leaves give a mild curry taste with an herb aroma and a hint of citrus and some mild bitterness.

The leaves are used in Indian cooking much like bay leaves and are often added to curries that contain fish or coconut milk.

The leaves lose their potency very quickly so use fresh ones wherever possible. The leaves are typically fried in oil to release their fragrance and taste.

Despite it’s name, curry leaf is not usually part of commercially made curry powder.

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