How To Cook Massaman Curry

A Massaman curry is a Thai dish that can be made with pork,chicken or beef. It normally contains roasted peanuts, coconut milk, bay leaves, potatoes, cardamom pods, cinnamon, palm sugar, tamarind and fish sauce. Massaman is a Muslim-influenced curry. As you can see, the curry is a blend of traditional Thai and Indian curries. What a delicious combination!

Spices were introduced to southern Thailand by early Portuguese traders who brought spices (such as turmeric, cinnamon, cumin, cloves and nutmeg) from the Middle East and India.

The dish is normally served with rice and occasionally pickled ginger or and peppers and cucumber that have been soaking in vinegar.

The dish originates from the south of Thailand where about 60% of the population is muslim.

The Curry Focus website has a range of Massaman curry recipes.

A Massaman curry is generally regarded as sweet rather than overly spicy and is a much loved dish around the world. This video shows you exactly how to make one yourself, and bring the taste of a Thai restaurant into your house!

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