Chicken Sagwala Curry Recipe Review

chicken sagwala curry

Hi, Ray here again.

Time to try another chicken curry recipe from the Curry Focus web site. Which one shall it be? How about the Chicken Sagwala? Looks good. I think it appears on lots of restaurant menus as Chicken Saag.

I had most of the ingredients in the house but needed to make a quick shopping trip to pick up some fresh spinach, chicken and tomatoes.

I cooked the spinach, drained it and then let it cool whilst I got together the other ingredients.

I prepared a small dish of spices and cardamom pods that would go into the frying pan together.

Then I chopped up the garlic, ginger and onions. I’m getting pretty good at this cooking game.

Then I cut up the chicken. I bought chicken breasts so they were easy to cut up.

I washed 2 cups of rice and left the rice in a pan of water ready to start cooking when needed.

All set to go.

First I heated the first lot of oil, fried the chicken and then put the chicken aside in a bowl.

Then the remaining oil went into the frying pan quickly followed by the ginger, garlic and onion. It wasn’t too long before the onion was a nice golden colour.

Then in went the spices and cardamom pods with a cup of boiling water. At the same time I started cooking the rice by replacing the cold water with hot water and putting the pan over a medium heat.

This is so, so easy.

I put the spinach into the food processor and gave it a quick 15-second burst. Perfect.

After 10 minutes of cooking the spices in the frying pan, I added the chicken, brought the curry back to a simmer and cooked it for another 5 minutes.

Then in went the spinach and garam masala.

5 minutes later the curry was ready and I pushed the frying pan off the heat whilst I drained the rice.

Once again I microwaved some shop-bought chapattis whilst serving the chicken sagawala curry on the rice.

And what was the verdict? Delicious. It isn’t a “spicy hot” curry but there is a lovely delicate taste of spices. The assembled friends gave the “thumbs up” to the meal and overall it received a rating of 7/10. Pretty good.

The one thing that I found when cooking this chicken curry was that the curry became dry fairly quickly. To stop the curry from sticking to the frying pan, and to make sure that the chicken was properly cooked, I added a few extra amounts of hot water. The water disappeared pretty quickly during the cooking process. I changed the recipe to include this extra water – I’m sure you don’t mind, Myra.

chicken sagwala curry

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