Can You Induce Labour Naturally with a Hot Curry?

A pregnancy that has gone past due date can be likened to an over spiced curry. No matter how swell it might look, it is definitely going to hurt as it passes through the body.

A few years ago in a town near Brighton, England a family and friends had just enjoyed a homemade lamb curry. Before dessert had even been served Susannah, then 8 ½ months pregnant, went into labour.

The flabbergasted guests were left wondering whether it was in fact the curry that had got things moving along. But even if curry does induce labour, surely it couldn’t happen that quickly?

Or could it?

So… Can Eating a Curry Start the Process of Labour or Not?

The “Second Nature Childbirth” web site lists eating a curry at number 12 in the ways to get the childbirth process under way. Check it out.

The “Baby Centre” web site also has eating a curry as a way to start the labour process.

Image: flickr
Image: flickr

Even the regal Princess Kate was advised to “eat a hot curry” when she was going through her own period of “overcooking” last year.

Non Believers

Using a curry to help kickstart labour is condemned by some, according to this article on the Baby World web site. For those with a sensitive disposition, be warned that the article goes into vivid detail with regards to certain bodily functions.

Final Thoughts

If you are planning on eating a curry, with the intent of bringing on childbirth, feel free to dig into a hot and spicy dish.

A sudden onslaught of labour cannot be attributed directly to the curry, however it could be an indirect effect.

Here are the reasons why:

  • Irritation to the Bowel can Induce Labour – It has been proven that irritation to the bowel can help to bring on child birth.
  • Spicy Food can cause Bowel Irritation – If you’ve experienced the sickly sweet feeling of hot, spicy chili hitting your intestinal tracts you will know that curry can, and often will, cause bowel irritation.

We can’t promise you instant results, but if you irritate your bowel enough to get it running for cover, it could speed up the trip to the birthing unit.

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