Steamer and Rice Cookers – Tips and Tricks

When cooking curries, one of the most important parts of the meal that often gets little, or no, attention is, of course, the rice. There is nothing worse than trying to eat soggy, or badly cooked, rice and that’s why we scoured the internet finding the best Steamer and Rice Cookers on the market.

There are a few general things that it pays to know about a Rice Cooker, and these are things we have learned over the years, so we are passing on our experience here.

  1. We suggest that you only use the cooker for cooking rice. Many rice cookers will say that they can also be used as a general slow cooker. However, it is best to ignore that advice and solely use the cooker for rice.
  2. Use the right rice. Any rice can be done in a rice cooker but, for the best result, always use quality rice. Experience tells us that mixing two brands of rice gives a better taste so, if you are really into rice cooking, you may want to try that.
  3. You don’t want your rice too dry so, when you use a new cooker or a new brand of rice, make sure to always adjust the amount of water you use. Try starting with more because rice has the capacity to absorb.
  4. We advise that even for those rice cookers that have the keep-warm function, make sure you always switch it off (by unplugging it from the wall) when it switches to keep warm. If you don’t do this, the rice may continue to absorb water and, in some cases, this will cause the rice to stick to the bowl.
  5. If you decide to use the steamer tray to steam food in the cooker whilst the rice is cooking, be prepared to find that the rice is going to be stickier than normal, and it will not taste as nice. This is because the other food will actually interfere with the steam current for the cooking rice.

Now onto the cookers themselves. We have looked at the Amazon top-selling Steamer and Rice Cookers, with a brief description about each.

1. Breville Family Rice Cooker & Steamer RC3

The RC3 rice cooker from Breville is ideal not only for cooking all types of rice but also for steam cooking all kinds of vegetables. In fact, the RC3 rice cooker is perfect for preparing rice. Thanks to its heat maintenance system, you can now serve your dishes at just the right temperature. Well-researched, the RC3 rice cooker has been made with diet cooking in mind. It is also ideal for cooking vegetables on its stainless steel basket. The RC3 can also be placed at the table and the spoon and measuring bowl can be used to serve up a healthy, delicious meal, this rice cooker is the bestseller on Amazon’s website so you can be assured that you are buying a popular product.

2. Tefal Automatic Slow Cooker / Rice Cooker / Steamer

Tefals 3 in 1 steam, slow and rice cooker is must have for any kitchen. The steam cooking function is great for cooking vegetables, fish or meat. The rice cooking function keeps perfectly the original flavour of rice with no need to drain after cooking. And the slow cooking function allows you to cook slowly for up to 9.5 hours. The large 10 cup or 3.2L capacity gives it the great versatility you need. The electronic control panel, easily shows you the 3 functions plus keep warm. Great features such as spoon storage, condensation collector and measuring cup and spoon show Tefal are right behind helping make life easier and quicker in the kitchen. The delayed start features mean you can time to perfection your meal preparation. This 3 in 1 cooker is also easy to clean with a dishwasher safe removable steam basket and non-stick coated removable bowl.

3. Cuisinart ‘Cook & Steam’ Rice Cooker

Originally a French company, Cuisinart became the leading exclusive merchandise brand in the US and is now in the UK. In 1973 Cuisinart’s legendary food processor became the definitive food preparation machine for American chefs. Continuous development since then has broadened the Cuisinart range of kitchen equipment to include innovative and state of the art products. Beautifully designed, supremely functional and guaranteed to last, Cuisinart products will give years of trouble free service, enabling you to “savour the good life”.

The versatile and muliti functional steamer is perfect for cooking and serving. The cooking timer of 1 to 8 hours allows flexible cooking time and the automatic keep warm function holds the food at the perfect temperarture without over cooking. The dishwasher safe removeable parts make it easy to clean. The simple dials make it easy to use.

4. Tefal 4 in 1 Slow Cooker, Steamer, Rice Cooker, Porridge Maker

The Electronic 4in1 Rice Cooker has 4 exclusive cooking settings that alllow you to cook rice, steam, slow cook and rice pudding or porridge. There is no compromise on style with a renewed control panel design with blue LED and brushed stainless steel housing, this rice cooker will fit into any kitchen. The automatic keep warm function switches on at the end of cooking so the food is ready to eat when you are.

Tefal’s product design communicates the brand’s identity:They are ingenious and guarantee success.They are useable by everybody in the family.They are pleasant to use.They find their place in various styles of living environments.

5. Russell Hobbs 10950 10 cup rice cooker

Rice is widely accepted as being an extremely versatile and nutritious source of food. Whether it be a rice pudding, an accompaniment to hot and spicy foods like curries or as a basis for the fresh and often delicate flavours of chinese foods, rice is a popular food source amongst all walks of life.

The new easy to use Russell Hobbs Classic White Rice Cooker (Model No. 10950) cooks 1.8litres/10 cups of rice to perfection, removing the need to stand and watch over a pan. A steaming rack for vegetables, fish or meat, fits neatly into the rice cooker and allows you to create a healthy meal all in one unit.

Additional features included are a handy measuring cup, spatula and a keep warm facility with boil dry protection, allowing you to serve your rice later if required.

For convenience, the Russell Hobbs Classic White Rice Cooker is operated by a simple one touch operation and also has a removable inner pan, with non-stick coating for easy cleaning. The product also has a toughened glass lid, to allow you to see at a glance the cooking progress.

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