How To Remove Curry Stains

Have you worn your best white blouse or shirt on a date only to have it stained with the sauce from your favourite chicken curry? Or dropped a forkful of chicken vindaloo onto a friend’s best cream carpet?

How do you get rid of the stains?

An article from the New Statesman magazine explains that turmeric is the main problem in curry stains. Turmeric is very good at making stains and hard to remove. Which is a pity because turmeric is in almost every curry, in one form or another.

There are several ways of trying to remove stains. Please note that care should be taken when removing ANY stain (not just a curry stain) – you should try the removal method on a small part of the stained area to make sure that you don’t ruin the clothing, furniture or carpet.

You try the following at your own risk!!!

  1. Clean with methylated spirit and then leave in sunlight.
  2. Rinse or wash straight afterwards before the stain has time to set.
  3. Clean with equal parts of methylated spirit and ammonia.
  4. For washable fabric, keep dipping the article in lukewarm water until the majority of the colour is removed. Then, rub equal parts of glycerine and warm water into the stain and rinse with cold water. Finally, soak in biological detergent and wash as usual.
  5. For non-washable fabric, carefully sponge with a solution of a tablespoon of borax dissolved in a 600ml (a pint) of lukewarm water, do not allow the fabric to become too wet. Should the stain remain, dry-clean.
  6. For carpets and furnishing, do the same as for non-washable fabric. Shampoo carpets afterwards.
  7. For clothes, d on’t put anything on it. Take it to the drycleaners. Leave it to the professionals.

These are some of the more common suggestions found on the Internet.

Good luck and happy cleaning.

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