Curry is Britain’s Most Popular Meal (2007)

I was reading an Article on the Britain USA website and it confirmed what I suspected already… yes curry is Britain’s most popular meal. They write..

It may be ordered in an Indian restaurant, bought ready-made from the supermarket, or prepared in the kitchen at home, but however it comes, the most popular dish in the UK today is curry.

Now its interesting to note that Curry became popular amongst the English living in India in the days of the British Empire.

An article on the BBC website hints that some people are actually addicted to curries because they arouse and stimulate the senses.

Professor Stephen Gray from Nottingham Trent University says the whole combination of tastes in a curry stimulate far more taste receptors on the tongue than other commonly eaten British foods.

The article then goes on to state that various parties cannot actually agree whether food can actually be addictive or not – however the general consensus appeared to be that as long as the types of Curries that are eaten are cooked in a healthy fashion not to much harm can come to the person eating the delicious dishes.

Unfortunately the most popular curries that the British eat tend to be the ones with creamy sauces and high fat contents, however if more care is taken over the preparation of healthy curries then it can be an excellent food choice.

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