Chicken Curry On A Hot First Date

Be very careful when going for a curry on a first date. Besides the obvious gaffes of burping and getting drunk, there are more subtle dangers of which you need to be aware.

First, don’t order a curry that’s too hot. It’s all very well demonstrating that you like hot curries but you can overdo it. If you usually eat a madras curry then don’t go for a vindaloo curry just to impress, especially if you have not had a vindaloo curry at the particular restaurant before. It’s not very attractive to be sweating profusely and continually blowing a streaming nose.

And make sure that you know whether, or not, your date is a vegetarian before you order. Your vegetarian date will be horrified if you wolf down a lamb rogan josh or a chicken tikka masala as they are tucking into an aubergine curry. You can eat a vegetarian curry but your date will be unlikely to change their eating convictions to keep you happy.

Avoid wearing white or light-coloured clothes so that if you do splash yourself with some food or sauce, your carelessness is not standing out like a beacon.

If a crowd of drunken footballers pours into the restaurant then your romantic evening is over – there will be singing, shouting, swearing and, sometimes, fighting. If they’ve arrived before you have ordered then stand up and leave. If you’re eating when they arrive then stand up, leave and run.

Be careful when you go for the goodnight kiss – hot curries have hot sauces that are laden with spices and the taste lingers on the breath.

Do not let any of this put you off going for a curry on your first date. Just think a little.

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