We Invite a Guest Chef (Colin) to Cook for Us

This week, we have “invited” a guest chef (friend) to do the cooking for us. Colin is going to create 3 dishes for us – a Butter Chicken, a Chicken Korma and a Chicken Tikka.

Poppadoms will be provided for a taster along with a cucumber and tomato relish. Then for the starter dish we will be treated with Chicken Tikka pieces with plain yoghurt.

The preparation of the main tikka involves approximately equal amounts of the following:-

Ground Tumeric
Ground Chilli
Ground Paprika
Ground Garam Masala
Salt and Pepper
Indian Curry Powder

As described by our wonder chef “Just throw in everything that is remotely an Indian spice”.

Tomato puree is then added to bind all the spices, just enough to make a nice spicy paste (the rest will be used later on for our Tikka Masala).

The Sauce

Now the chicken is sliced into cubes, some for the chicken tikka starter. (these are made a little larger than the other cubes that will be used in the main dishes).

The pieces of chicken are then coated in the paste and the whole mixture placed for the fridge for approximately at least one hour, or if time allows the night before.

While the chicken is marinating, Colin is chopping tomatoes that are going to be used in the relish and the tikka masala (possibly also to be garnish for our Chicken Tikka).


They are chopped into fairly small cubes (Colin suggests that this part is done before we hook into to many more drinks, as it can be dangerous for the fingers otherwise!).

Now its fry time, Colin has chopped up a number of onions that are going to be fried, the chicken pieces are also cooking in the oven at a low temperature (70 degrees Celsius) after first searing them at a high temperature in the pan.

Then the tomatoes and tomato puree are placed in one bowl and some pumpkin soup in the other bowl. A quarter of the Chicken pieces are added to the tomato dish, and the pumpkin soup has a portion of it added to each of the other dishes. Coconut cream is added to the korma dish.

The final dish

The final product, very tasty. Our Diners tonight rated this trio of curries a 9/10.

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